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Name:Helen Magnus (Sanctuary)
Birthdate:Aug 27
Location:United States of America

About Helen »»
Dr. Helen Magnus is a 161-year-old teratologist and head of the Sanctuary in Old City (Seattle - AU). She was born in England during the Victorian era and was one of the first female doctors and scientists of the Royal College of Surgeons in London. At her urging, her father Gregory Magnus shared with her his private research in studying and helping the Abnormals. She soon became on her father's greatest allies in his work.

In the course of her research with others, she injected herself with a sample of pure Vampire blood, which gave her longevity as well as empathy. She has not aged since the day she took the serum, and she is highly resistant to diseases and illness.

"Chuck fucking Norris had nothing on Helen Magnus." - [info]foundahome
Verses »»
To Come.

Helen is open to other verses. Please PM to discuss. Both male and female muses welcome, and the time period can be anywhere from the 1890s to the far future.
Disclaimer »»
Helen and Sanctuary belongs to Damien Kindler, Stage 3 Media and SyFy. No infringement is intended - this is done just for fun. This journal also has no ties to Amanda Tapping, who plays the character in the series.

Age disclaimer for sexual situations: Helen's age is listed above, and mun is in her 30s.
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To come.
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